Elham Dog Training Club is run by Mrs Lyn Fagg.

Lyn has been obedience training and running the club for over 35 years. 

She is involved in many dog sports and breed showing,  

Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Assessor ALL LEVELS, 

Breed specialist judge in Shetland Sheepdogs. 

Lyn runs training events and local dog shows for charity and educational seminars for pet owners. 

Susan Coulstock provides training classes and sessions on a 1-2-1 basis at your own home. 

Susan is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training,  

Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Assessor in ALL LEVELS, 

Kennel Club Rally Judge & Trainer (was also South East & East Anglia KC Rally Crufts Team Manager for Crufts 2017-2019) 

Talking Dogs Rally Judge & Trainer

Diana Yemm

Diana has been training dogs professionally many years and is involved with local events and charity shows

Specialist breed area in Large breed and Bull Breeds and Breed Judge 

Kennel Club Good Citizen Assessor in ALL LEVELS

We pride ourselves in running a knowledgeable, welcoming country club, based in the beautiful heart of the Elham Valley.

Why us?

Lyn has run EDTC for over 35 years and has personally achieved so much with her own dogs, including winning through the Kennel Club heats to display at Crufts with her dogs in the Kennel Club Good Citizen display and also has a highly successful breed show career, with  her Shetland Sheepdogs, she is a breed specialist judge and Kennel Club trainer, KCGC assessor up to and including Gold level. 

Lyn heads up the Elham dtc team of 3 qualified and knowledgeable dog trainers each with their own expertise and specialist areas.